At The GUMBO we believe in content that pushes Hip-Hop forward.  We feature the work of women-identifying artists from different backgrounds and identities with distinct voices and points of view when it comes to Hip-Hop. We feature essays, interviews, photography, poetry and other forms of art. Content is pegged to an editorial theme which varies monthly. All artists are PAID for their work.

Note clearly in the subject line what you’re pitching by stating the type of submission in all caps, followed by a clear headline. Specify in the subject line if your pitch is timely. For example, if you are pitching an opinion piece on the representation of sexuality in Hip-Hop the subject line would read: "WRITTEN OPINION: How Sexuality Is Represented Within Hip-Hop."

Please submit to GUMBO at according to the guidelines below. 


Written submissions must be your work and exclusive to GUMBO, which means it hasn’t been published anywhere else. If you’ve already pitched it elsewhere, you should let us know. We accept pieces that fit the two categories listed below.

Opinion. An Opinion piece is smart, authentic and timely, and offers rigorous analysis. That means it has something original to say about Hip-Hop, an original point of view to offer that sheds a new light on an existing debate within the culture or brings something into the spotlight that isn’t already there. It presents a strong argument backed up with provable evidence, and represents the views of the writer clearly and transparently. 

Personal. A Personal piece is original, authentic, compelling and told in the first person. We feature writers from different backgrounds and identities with distinct voices and points of view writing about a variety of topics within the spectrum of Hip-Hop, including identity (race, gender, sexuality, disability, intersectionality, etc.); health and mental health; sex/love and relationships in every sense of the word; family and parenting; work, money and career; body and body image and more.

For both sections please:

  • Briefly summarize your story idea.

  • Briefly explain why you’re the right person to write the piece. What’s your relevant experience?

  • Briefly explain why this argument or story is important.

  • Briefly outline how the piece will start and end. Include a draft in the body of the email if you have it.

  • Include a short description of your previous writing experience and links to published clips, if relevant.

Visual (Art, Photography & Fashion Submissions): 

We welcome visual submissions on the site.  

For this section please:

  • Briefly summarize the work you are submitting.

  • Briefly explain why your work would be good for the site.

  • Include a link to your website, if applicable.

  • Include a few photos of what you would like to be a featured.

  • Include the social media handles of both you and your business.


We welcome music from artists interested in premiering and/or sharing a song or video on the site.  

For this section please:

  • Briefly summarize the music.

  • Include a link to or attachment of the song/video.

  • Include cover art and a 1000px1000p picture of the artist.

  • Include a short artist bio.

  • Include the artist's social media handles.


We welcome collaboration inquiries from stylists, designers, bloggers, photographers, hair or makeup artists and other businesses, 

For this section please:

  • Briefly summarize your business.

  • Explain what the collaboration would be.

  • Include a link to your website or portfolio, if applicable.

  • Include the social media handles of you and/or your business.