A Letter to Bbymutha



I chose to write you this letter to because you’ve inspired my growth as both a woman and creative. So let’s just call this “give em their dick ride while they’re still here.” Lol. This is me, appreciating you and how you change the narrative of being a woman and a mother of four, pushing the culture one step further. It’s admirable. 

I first found your music on SoundCloud about four years ago and immediately became a fan. It was so compelling that I had to reach out to you and tell you how I felt. I’ve watched you blossom and grow into such an incredible woman and artist while staying true to yourself, your purpose and your passion. 

You are hardworking. You are ferocious. You are passion in female form. You go after everything you deserve while raising four kids! Meanwhile some of us have a hard enough time pursuing our passion by ourselves-this is what I mean by inspiring.

I also love how raw and uncut your music is. You say things that resonate with a lot of Black women. You aren’t afraid of societal norms and it shows, not to mention the sound of your voice is as strong. Lol. It has a sense of power. One of my favorite quotes, “see these niggas only love you while ya happy. Love you when you bone straight, cut you when you nappy,” whew chile! If this ain’t a WORD.

People will really love the idea of you but won’t wanna deal with the flaws and everything else that makes you whole. So thank you for reminding me to show up and be myself in not only my creative space but every space. 

I’ve watched (via social media) some of your “fans” disrespect, bully and be verbally abusive to you out of pure ignorance and lack of understanding. But you’re brave enough to handle it, and I’ve witnessed you take your power back from their negative words, flip it and turn it into something positive for yourself.

My focus words for 2019 are fearless, confidence and love. You embody that. I encourage women to move with persistence and authenticity. Stay true to who you are, stay true to your purpose and stay true to your art. I support what you stand for and I hope you continue to inspire Black girls like myself all around the world. Thank you for being who you are. 

- Angel